Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Let's use Chatomuk Traffic Mobile App in Cambodia

Get real-time traffic jam info in Phnom Penh city!

Chatomuk Traffic is the first user-generated traffic jam app in Cambodia!
The app allow users to report and search for traffic jam information with just few clicks.

Using the app, users can save time, money and release stress on their daily commute in the crowd Phnom Penh city.

About developer

Kora VA is a founder and CEO of Chatomuk Traffic – a crowd sourced app that let users report, search and share about real-time traffic jam in Phnom Penh city. He also has a great interest in developing E-commerce platform in Cambodia in the future. Prior to Chatomuk, Kora worked for Rakuten Inc., the largest E-commerce company in Japan for 2 years before decided to come back to Cambodia to set up his own startup. He holds master degree in Computer Science from the University of Electro-communication (Tokyo, Japan).

This App is available on AppStore and PlayStore. Let's use together for your life and encourage our Khmer Developers to do more for their start up.

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Auto sync on android phone

Auto Sync is wireless, real-time, two-way syncing of photos and folders between your Android device and your computers.

Let's say you have decided you want to sync documents, calendar, email, and photos from your computer to your mobile phone.  You want to review your documentation when you leave office without internet connection. Before you leave your can sync your document into your local memory on your mobile phone, and tablet. So you can review and edit the files. You make some changes to the files and save them on your device.

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To control sync settings for the device, follow these steps:

You go to your home screen. 

You can use 1 finger and you'll see on the top right an icon with 3 squares and 2 arrows, press that and all the icons come up. See screenshot. 

It's easier just to pull down with 2 fingers at the same time from any page, not just the home page and you'll see all those icons. See screenshot below.

I can recommend you the free app to auto sync. It is AutoSync Free - save your battery life and data usage. 

You can sync from your computer and internet when you have internet connection. So you will be more easier to review everything when you have no internet connection on your device.