Thursday, November 28, 2013

Want a Charity Trip for Children t-shirt!

You want a Charity Trip for Children t-shirt? Only $5 you have a t-shirt and help poor 175 students.

Join Charity Trip for Children to help poor children at Kampong Speu province.
More information check PNC Alumni Association

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Google Calendar Tips - Add Events to Google Calendar via SMS

Google Calendar provides a seamless way to keep up to date with your meetings and events on any device, but what if you are offline?

With Google's SMS service (currently only available in the USA) you can register your phone and not only receive notifications by SMS, you can also add events.
  • Sign in to Google Calendar, click on the top right hand cog icon and go toSettings.
  • Click on the Mobile Setup tab.
  • Enter your mobile number and click on Send Verification Code. You should receive the code within seconds.
  • Now enter the verification code that you receive into calendar settings and click Finish Setup.
  • That's it, you're done!
Note: In Cambodia there are 2 mobile Operator support Google SMS such as Smart Mobile and Cell Card.
Read more technologies about Google.

PNC Alumni Charity Trip for Children

Have you ever thought if you live in poor family without nice clothes, enough food, any materials using and health problem, no opportunity to go to school? 

How do you feel?

Many Cambodian Families are poor to support their children.
PNC Alumni Association organizes Charity Trip for Children on Sunday December 15, 2013 to help 175 poor students at Ork Yum High School at Kampong Speu province.

PNC Alumni Charity Trip for Children on Sunday December 15, 2013
You can donate and join with us to help them together with the price $ 2.5 per package. In the package is included such as book, pen, pencil, eraser, teeth paste, teeth brush, shampoo, noodle, milk and bread. 

If you want to go and visit, the price is $12 included transportation, and food. You can have a t-shirt price $4.  Help our children by your distribution.

You can donate to us via email,, and 

Tel: 097 792 47 21, 017 24 37 31, and 092 14 99 94

Check more information about PNC Alumni Association Facebook Page

The detail event list below:

PNC Alumni Charity Trip for Children's Program
You want a Charity Trip for Children t-shirt? Only $5 you have a t-shirt and help poor 175 students.

Charity Trip t-shirt

PNC Alumni Football Champion League 2013

PNC Alumni Association organizes PNC Alumni Football Champions League 2013. 

Football for solidarity and development. Matching starts on Sunday December 08, 2013

Check  PNC Alumni Charity Trip for Children for the next event

Friday, November 22, 2013

Apple updates iBooks & iTunes U with fresh, flatter looks for iOS 7

Apple on Thursday issued a major update for its iBooks application, giving it a cleaner and simpler look in line with the company's design for the iOS 7 platform.

iBooks version 3.2 for both iPhone and iPad is now available for download from the iOS App Store. The free update ditches the skeuomorphic look of its predecessor in favor of a simplified appearance.

While iBooks previously feature a digital wooden bookshelf that would rotate like a hidden entrance to access the iBookstore, the new application features a greyish-white background where titles are displayed. Accessing the store now simply jumps to a new window where titles can be purchased.

The iBooks icon for iOS has also been updated with an orange gradient background behind a white illustration of an open book.

The same color scheme is also used in the new icon for iTunes U version 1.4, which features a graduate's cap as the centerpiece of its logo. Its new virtual bookshelf is similar in appearance to the redesign of iBooks.

The release notes for both updates state that the applications have been given "an all-new look and feel" bringing them in line with iOS 7.

With Thursday's updates, almost all of Apple's downloadable applications for iOS 7 have been updated with fresh new looks for iOS 7. The most significant remaining outlier is Find My Friends, which continues to feature skeuomorphic stitched leather textures prominently throughout the application.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

I am ready for GDG DevFest

Are you ready to go GDG DevFest? It is a very special event to share, learn and meet with Google User Group, Web Developer and Designer, Software Engineer, and Mobile Developer. See you at Norton University today. You will meet me I will meet you there. Enjoy your day with Google Today.

Ready to join GDF DevFest at Norton University

Using Blogger on iPad

I always use Google Blogger on PC. Now just try on iPad let's see how is it.

Welcome page when first open Blogger.

Screen to click sign in to blogger

Click on sign in button you see this sign in form using your gmail account

After success Sing In to blog the dashboard comes like this. You can tap on screen to compose new Post.

After you tap, now you can post your article.

You write your article is done. You click on Button Publish.

How it looks. View your blog

Let's try together with Google Technology on iPad.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Getting started using Google Drive on iPad

I always use Google Drive on PC now I just start using it on iPad. Let's see together how it looks with iPad.

Welcome to Google Drive

Login using your gmail account

Thank for using Google Drive

Have you go!