Monday, December 16, 2013

6 Essential Traits Of A Perfect CEO

What can require more efforts and responsibilities than being a CEO of a startup? All the endeavors that struggle for success, need a talented and stress-proof Chief Executive (in fact, any business does). The obvious truth is that it takes a lot to be one. It's not a joyful pastime day after day. It's a heavy burden, a challenge that forces a person to do his/her best. There is no absolute recipe for becoming a perfect CEO, but it's quite possible to develop skills that are essential for such a title.

Apart from having tremendous communication skills, which are perhaps the foremost must-have, a perfect CEO...

...has genuine passion for work

A trivial statement? It may seem. But it's surely the passion and persistence that drive to achievements and forces to never give up, to develop an idea into something substantial, and further, successful.

...has a strategy, but is ready for changes

Business isn't static. Neither is the mobile world. Therefore it's important to have a strategy for the mobile startup's evolution. But nonetheless it's important to constantly learn while you work, to react and adapt to changes that come unexpectedly. We tend to dislike them in our comfort zone, we appreciate stability in our daily life. In the mobile business, changes may happen more frequently than in most businesses. On one hand, embracing them, a CEO opens the door to new opportunities. On the other hand, adapting to these rapid changes is a question of survival.

...makes the company client-oriented

As many people would agree, a good business website isn't company-focused - it must be customer-focused instead. The same must be the approach of the company. Its products and/or services must address to and solve problems of its customers. A great CEO drives company to the image and essence of a client-oriented one, in word and deed.

...finds the most talented and trusted people for the team

Nobody is able to become a winner without a strong and reliable team. Nobody is able to do everything on their own. As they say, be quick to fire and slow to hire. There must be right people to surround from the very beginning. The most talented, passionate, the cleverest people aren't easy to find, but it's the CEO who establishes the core of the team. This is the team that can give precious advice in case of need, and this team has experts in different areas, which valuable for the startup.

...isn't afraid of making mistakes

Motivating yourself during hard times is a real challenge. Motivating others at the same time is a challenge worth a CEO. While it's important to see into the future and assess potential threats for the company, it's impossible to make no mistakes at all. Like in everyday life, failures strengthen us, and we struggle to become better. the keeper of the company's flag

As a rule, the founder of the company becomes its CEO. That is the person who has the best vision of the company, its goals and culture, the way it's supposed to develop and succeed. That is the person who maintains relationships with clients and investors, and perfectly knows how the startup's parts make up the entire mechanism. It's lonely at the top - and that's yet another challenge for CEOs. They are the keepers of the company's flag, and have no right to show weaknesses.

What else can be said? A great CEO seizes opportunities (or creates them?), and makes sure that the company holds on to its mission. Great CEOs are macro-managers, faces of the company, role models for their colleagues. We may as well mention such things as being a resolute decision-maker; having advanced abilities of sensing and evaluating risks; presence of technical skills; ability to discern and listen to good advice; always having a 'Plan B'; knowing where and how to say no. There undoubtedly are even more good qualities for a person that leads the mobile startup to prosperity. You can't be perfect, but you always go for it, and that's where you have all the chances to succeed.

Reference: mobidev

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Applying Scholarship in Mastering Social Media at RNTC

Mastering Social Media Course at RNTC
Good morning,

I am Sophen PHO, from Cambodia. I got the information about scholarship of RNTC on social network. It makes me interested in applying the scholarship here.

Let's me introduce myself. I am a poor student who lives in rural area in Kampong Chhnang Province of Cambodia. I passed the two year scholarship full time training in IT Web Programming at PASSERELLES NUMÉRIQUES CAMBODIA. After I finished my association degree at PNC in 2010, I got a job as Web Developer in private company located in Phnom Penh. Then I continued my study in IT at Norton University at the same time I work. I just finished my Bachelor Degree in this year. That is it for my introduce myself.

What I am interested the most in my life is IT Communication in Social Media. There are many ways in social media currently modern technology in the world.

I want to learn Mastering Social Media has some reasons such as:
- It is the major for human development
- It leads the economic growth
- It is best thing for communication nowadays
- It has become a revolution of our century
- It is a way to connect with many people at one time, has very little cost associated with it.
- It brings your attention to real issues that are happening everywhere, it keeps you updated on what’s happening around the world.

It has more reasons than I list above. You can drop the comment for the advantages of Social Media. I look forward to hear and learn from you more.

According to the advantages and the reason what I am interested in Mastering Social Media. I don't hesitate to apply the scholarship here. I strongly believe that I will pass for this course. I can learn the new things in my life which I can bring this skill to develop my country and my people. If not pass what will I do for the next plan. Let's see the next article.

Finally, it is very important skill for me in Mastering Social Media to develop better communication and spread the real information to my people and the world.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Telerik Survey HTML5 vs. Native vs. Hybrid Mobile Apps – 3500 Developers Prefer All Three

Recently, a survey has been conducted among HTML5 vs. Native vs. hybrid mobile applications, but approximately 3500 developers are looking for all these three technologies to proceed with. In this blog, I have provided in-depth information about this survey and its results, so continue reading to get more information… 
Commonly, the debate leads the first application store in order to hit the volume; however, various respondents call for a mobile application strategy, which gives choice between HTML5, Native and Hybrid. One of the most popular application development tools and solutions providers for cross-platform and mobile applications “Telerik” declared the results of its latest Mobile application development survey.

The title of the survey is “The HTML5 vs. Native Debate is Over. The Winner is…,” the survey was conducted in October 2013 and surveyed approximately 3500 respondents from across the world, who are ranging from developers to CTOs to CIOs. It is quite different than last year when more than 94% of developers were betting on HTML5 to win.
Actually, you can find 40% of developers, who have already started developing native, only to switch to HTML5 and 31% have started developing cross-platform in order to switch on native. Todd Anglin, an EVP at cross-platform development toolmaker Telerik, said “Developers are quickly realizing that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for their mobile development process”. He also added “The choice between native and hybrid approaches is dependent on business needs, app requirements, developer skill, development timeline, and other factors.”
There are many developers, who are going for pure HTML5 rather than native, with approximately 41% of developers are developing cross-platform applications rather than native applications, increase from 36% in January 2013. Along with it, there is huge drop in the number of developers, who are developing pure native, all the time: eight percent, down from 15 percent earlier this year.
However, you would find various developers, who are still using hybrid development methods along with some native apps built with HTML5 code, some apps built in pure cross-platform code, some built with native components with shared and more. At this time, one of the major questions is whether HTML5 that can be used to build application-like interactivity as well as capability into a web-native format, is enterprise-ready or not.
According to Telerik, the answer of this question is that a complete third of developers says it is, but a quarter of developers’ say it will be in the next 12 month. A big portion of developers – 43% say that HTML5 is not an enterprise ready before at least a year. And rest one – 6% says it never will be enterprise ready.
The (91%) respondents of this survey said that they are already developing using HTML technology with more projects ongoing to desktop compare to mobile. And 53% of respondents said that HTML5 is one of the best ways to go multi-platform while it also has the advantage of being web-native. Among all the respondents, only 4% of developers are developing for iOS only and 13% are simultaneously developing native apps for all of the web, iOS, and Android.
“When considered in context, we are seeing plenty of cases where hybrid is the right choice for a given app, and others where native still makes the most sense, said Todd Anglin, an EVP at cross-platform development toolmaker Telerik. “What developers need, then, are tools that can help them be effective, regardless of the chosen approach.”

Resource: Perceptionsystem

The world has lost a great leader. Nelson Mandela.

Nelson Mandela, 95:  Former South African President Nelson Mandela died Thursday at 95. Sen. Bernie Sanders said he was deeply saddened by the passing of one of the outstanding leaders of the 20th century. “In his native South Africa, he was a powerful force for good in the struggle to dismantle the terrible legacy of apartheid. Around the world, his lifelong devotion to equality and fairness serves as a lesson for all of us about the power of determination and the force of dignity.

“Like many in Vermont, I was active in the anti-apartheid movement. It was inspiring for me to be at Mandela’s presidential inauguration in 1994 and to witness first-hand a truly great figure at a pivotal point in history,” Sanders said.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Join Khmer Programmers Community

Welcome to "Khmer Programmers".

The goals is to gathering Khmer Programmers to shared knowledge and experiences to each other. Please try to invite people who you think they are programmers like your colleagues, friends, ...

Why do you join Khmer Programmers Group? 

- Students will get more knowledge from the professional IT, designers, programmers who work in IT industries and other sectors in Cambodia by asking questions what they don't understand from their study. 

- Professional IT will share and exchange their knowledge by sharing each other about their work experiences and problems during their working time. So we can know more technologies and we can improve our knowledge too. 

- The companies will know more programmers in Cambodia. They can seek the IT Programmers staff for their business and find other IT Business solution for their cooperation. 

Why do we code in daily?

We can code together and every one can code to improve their capacity thinking and innovation by develop application for their better life and business problem. So, Cambodian people will improve their knowledge by coding.

Let's code together to develop our country!

Check out more details about Khmer Programmers Community in G+ and Khmer Programmers Google Group.

The official email address:

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