Monday, December 2, 2013

Join Khmer Programmers Community

Welcome to "Khmer Programmers".

The goals is to gathering Khmer Programmers to shared knowledge and experiences to each other. Please try to invite people who you think they are programmers like your colleagues, friends, ...

Why do you join Khmer Programmers Group? 

- Students will get more knowledge from the professional IT, designers, programmers who work in IT industries and other sectors in Cambodia by asking questions what they don't understand from their study. 

- Professional IT will share and exchange their knowledge by sharing each other about their work experiences and problems during their working time. So we can know more technologies and we can improve our knowledge too. 

- The companies will know more programmers in Cambodia. They can seek the IT Programmers staff for their business and find other IT Business solution for their cooperation. 

Why do we code in daily?

We can code together and every one can code to improve their capacity thinking and innovation by develop application for their better life and business problem. So, Cambodian people will improve their knowledge by coding.

Let's code together to develop our country!

Check out more details about Khmer Programmers Community in G+ and Khmer Programmers Google Group.

The official email address:

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