Monday, December 16, 2013

6 Essential Traits Of A Perfect CEO

What can require more efforts and responsibilities than being a CEO of a startup? All the endeavors that struggle for success, need a talented and stress-proof Chief Executive (in fact, any business does). The obvious truth is that it takes a lot to be one. It's not a joyful pastime day after day. It's a heavy burden, a challenge that forces a person to do his/her best. There is no absolute recipe for becoming a perfect CEO, but it's quite possible to develop skills that are essential for such a title.

Apart from having tremendous communication skills, which are perhaps the foremost must-have, a perfect CEO...

...has genuine passion for work

A trivial statement? It may seem. But it's surely the passion and persistence that drive to achievements and forces to never give up, to develop an idea into something substantial, and further, successful.

...has a strategy, but is ready for changes

Business isn't static. Neither is the mobile world. Therefore it's important to have a strategy for the mobile startup's evolution. But nonetheless it's important to constantly learn while you work, to react and adapt to changes that come unexpectedly. We tend to dislike them in our comfort zone, we appreciate stability in our daily life. In the mobile business, changes may happen more frequently than in most businesses. On one hand, embracing them, a CEO opens the door to new opportunities. On the other hand, adapting to these rapid changes is a question of survival.

...makes the company client-oriented

As many people would agree, a good business website isn't company-focused - it must be customer-focused instead. The same must be the approach of the company. Its products and/or services must address to and solve problems of its customers. A great CEO drives company to the image and essence of a client-oriented one, in word and deed.

...finds the most talented and trusted people for the team

Nobody is able to become a winner without a strong and reliable team. Nobody is able to do everything on their own. As they say, be quick to fire and slow to hire. There must be right people to surround from the very beginning. The most talented, passionate, the cleverest people aren't easy to find, but it's the CEO who establishes the core of the team. This is the team that can give precious advice in case of need, and this team has experts in different areas, which valuable for the startup.

...isn't afraid of making mistakes

Motivating yourself during hard times is a real challenge. Motivating others at the same time is a challenge worth a CEO. While it's important to see into the future and assess potential threats for the company, it's impossible to make no mistakes at all. Like in everyday life, failures strengthen us, and we struggle to become better. the keeper of the company's flag

As a rule, the founder of the company becomes its CEO. That is the person who has the best vision of the company, its goals and culture, the way it's supposed to develop and succeed. That is the person who maintains relationships with clients and investors, and perfectly knows how the startup's parts make up the entire mechanism. It's lonely at the top - and that's yet another challenge for CEOs. They are the keepers of the company's flag, and have no right to show weaknesses.

What else can be said? A great CEO seizes opportunities (or creates them?), and makes sure that the company holds on to its mission. Great CEOs are macro-managers, faces of the company, role models for their colleagues. We may as well mention such things as being a resolute decision-maker; having advanced abilities of sensing and evaluating risks; presence of technical skills; ability to discern and listen to good advice; always having a 'Plan B'; knowing where and how to say no. There undoubtedly are even more good qualities for a person that leads the mobile startup to prosperity. You can't be perfect, but you always go for it, and that's where you have all the chances to succeed.

Reference: mobidev