Saturday, December 14, 2013

Applying Scholarship in Mastering Social Media at RNTC

Mastering Social Media Course at RNTC
Good morning,

I am Sophen PHO, from Cambodia. I got the information about scholarship of RNTC on social network. It makes me interested in applying the scholarship here.

Let's me introduce myself. I am a poor student who lives in rural area in Kampong Chhnang Province of Cambodia. I passed the two year scholarship full time training in IT Web Programming at PASSERELLES NUMÉRIQUES CAMBODIA. After I finished my association degree at PNC in 2010, I got a job as Web Developer in private company located in Phnom Penh. Then I continued my study in IT at Norton University at the same time I work. I just finished my Bachelor Degree in this year. That is it for my introduce myself.

What I am interested the most in my life is IT Communication in Social Media. There are many ways in social media currently modern technology in the world.

I want to learn Mastering Social Media has some reasons such as:
- It is the major for human development
- It leads the economic growth
- It is best thing for communication nowadays
- It has become a revolution of our century
- It is a way to connect with many people at one time, has very little cost associated with it.
- It brings your attention to real issues that are happening everywhere, it keeps you updated on what’s happening around the world.

It has more reasons than I list above. You can drop the comment for the advantages of Social Media. I look forward to hear and learn from you more.

According to the advantages and the reason what I am interested in Mastering Social Media. I don't hesitate to apply the scholarship here. I strongly believe that I will pass for this course. I can learn the new things in my life which I can bring this skill to develop my country and my people. If not pass what will I do for the next plan. Let's see the next article.

Finally, it is very important skill for me in Mastering Social Media to develop better communication and spread the real information to my people and the world.