Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Phnom Penh Weekend FC - Social Football Club Play for healthy, solidarity & Friendship

We introduce you Phnom Penh Weekend FC is a social football club for every one to play at weekend. 

The purpose of this club is to keep in touch, build solidarity, friendship and be healthy together. 

Furthermore, Our Khmer Puthuchun FC also join in this Weekend FC. It is interesting, enjoyable, fun time to meet and play with new players and people. We can connect, contact and make more good communication between each other.

Why don't you join us? Come and join us. We are welcome you!

It will be a good time for us this weekend of football time.
We play football together for our healthy, solidarity and friendship. 

See you at Emperial Sport Club on Saturday from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM. We play field #4.

Join and play together to keep connected.

Here is our Phnom Penh Weekend FC's rules in the game:

- You need to organize a clear team before the game start
- A team remains 7 players or more than 7 to change during game
- A game is taken 15 mn between team A and team B
- If team A lose, team A get out of field.
- team B keep playing in field until lose for next game.
- The team winner is priority in the field during game.
- Team get top score is a Champion Team of The Week.

Note: player should arrive the field on time, so it is easy to organize the team before game.

Let's make the game fun, happy and respect each other. It is good time for you to play football for your health. Let's play together on weekend.