Saturday, September 7, 2013

ជីវិតជោគជ័យមានន័យ Meaning full of successful life

Watch loy9 music video. Meas Soksophea, Pou Klaing, You Rain, Khonarak Satya, Khaan Natheb, Cora, Un Somoun, Pa Kiranaam, UTOPIA Band, Klap YaHandz, J-Tone, and Animation Khmer Rock Band came together and made this song just for you. 

Loy9 is an entertaining and inspiring mass media campaign on TV, radio and online, that any young Cambodian can take part in. Loy9 is on CTN TV every Sunday at 8:00 pm and repeated every Tuesday at 4:30 pm on MyTV; on radio every Monday at 12 noon on FM 103 and its regional partner stations.

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It all starts from Jan 15th, 2012. Get involved!

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