Monday, January 20, 2014

Change we can believe in

Barak Obama started his election campaign with a plan to renew America's promise with the words "Change we can believe in". His Presidential was marked by changes. He wanted to change a nation and its way of acting. Throughout the campaign, Obama's changes were aimed towards bringing a rapid end to the war in Iraq, decreasing energy dependence, and providing universal health care. In his victory speech Obama said "change has come to America".

Up to now, not all his plans and ideas have proven successful and only the future will reveal their full potential. The U.S election was a changes of the governmental position which was decided by the nation. In an admittedly smaller world, every person in his or her as well as every manager of an organisation is faced with changes or the requirement to make changes every day. Let's concentrate on the business world and have a look at what changes mean?

Change is a alteration of a company's strategy, organization or culture as a result of changes in its enironment, structure, technology or people. A manager's job would be very straightforward and simple (not to say boring) if changes were not occurring in these areas. Good managers have a competence to manage change int he company's environment. These changes can be alterations in structure (design of jobs, span of control, authority relationships or coordinating mechanisms), in technology (equipment, work processes or work methods) as well as in people (behaviors, perceptions, expectations or attitudes).