Monday, January 27, 2014

How The Mobile Affected The Way We Do Business

The pre-iPhone smartphones might not have been that smart, but the idea of checking e-mail from a mobile phone has always been promising. Now we have powerful productivity tools in our pockets, countless services in the mobile ecosystem, and the whole world is just a touch away from us. These things seem like great conditions for doing business, and it's really so. The mobile has irreversibly affected business in general. We can say there's more good than bad to it, but anyway, how did it exactly happen?

Quick To Rise, Quick To Fall

Not so long ago it could take a lot of time to start and build a prosperous business. It used to take lots of extra efforts to make it grow on the international area. Now it may take as little time as possible for a startup to make or break. Businesses now have a foothold called mobile marketing, which reaches out for potential clientele around the world. Now everything is sped up. Every personal mania of being super-productive pushes the whole business ahead.

Welcome To The Cloud

Modern business is all about the cloud, which saves lots of time, and also contributes to the fast pace of growing. Cloud-dependent mobile apps and devices, centralized data storing and task management, instant access from anywhere on Earth - various functions and opportunities given by the cloud are an absolute must. Once distance was an insurmountable obstacle for business, now outsourcing is transparent and efficient, locating your employees has never been easier, and everything can be tracked, if your business has the right tools for that. And the tools, such as Microsoft's Office 365, are provided as services for monthly fees. Such solutions lay all the technical issues upon the shoulders of service providers, which again means convenience for businesses.

Expectations Have Changed

Speeding up couldn't leave client and employer expectations unchanged. When there was no mobile worldwide connectivity, waiting was a norm. Now in the business world, waiting for an answer concerning an urgent matter for more than an hour is unheard of. We also shouldn't forget that many people have to solve business problems during their free time, since we are constantly connected to the Internet (read: connected to work). This means many employees (especially those who occupy high positions) are expected to answer an urgent call, being at home or on a vacation.

Apart from the companies' internal relations, there are client expectations, which are nonetheless important and must be treated in a different way, not like it used to be. Your clients want your response immediately. What they want, must be there in a while. On the other hand, adhering to the rule of being quick to respond is rewarding for any business or any singled out professional.

Bring Your Own Device

Unlike PCs, mobile devices are very personal items, and it's much more convenient for each of us to use our own device for business purposes. The BYOD issue has been discussed numerous times, along with its security risks. But thought-out use, along with mobile devices and platforms getting more secure, actually works. There is encryption in secure communication means and remote wipe software for that.

The Thin Line Between Home And Work

Once everything was simple: there was home, which meant family and friends, and there was work, which meant colleagues and clients. Now the line between is becoming thinner and blurred out, since our life is easily tracked on social networks. Our personal information and photos on Facebook and Google+, our tweets and posts can be easily read by our employers or clients. Not everyone dares stick to the 'be yourself' principle, and many people try to look professional at all times.

The mobile hasn't touched just the business aspect, it has completely reorganized our daily routine, and our lives in general. For businesses these changes are largely positive, but for every individual, from an ordinary employee to a CEO, some of them may be rather tiring. These are just five directions out of the massive wind of change brought by mobile technologies, and if your business manages to incorporate high efficiency and employee satisfaction, it's done right.

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