Saturday, February 2, 2013

ASP.NET Features

§Server Controls
§ASP.NET provides several server controls that simplify the task of creating pages
§They automatically maintain their selection states and expose properties, methods, and events for server-side code
§Web Services
§A Web service is an application delivered as a service that can be integrated with other Web services by using Internet standards.
§Improved Security
§In ASP, the only type of authentication that you can use is the Windows authentication, whereas ASP.NET allows different types of logon and user authentication: Windows, Passport, and Cookies.

§Multiple Language Support
§Microsoft has compilers for Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual C#™ , Microsoft Visual C++®,…etc.
§Increased Performance
§In ASP.NET, code is compiled. When you request a page for the first time, the run time compiles the code and the page itself, and keeps a cached copy of the compiled result.
§Classes and Namespaces
§ASP.NET includes a range of useful classes and namespaces. Namespaces are used as an organizational system— a way to present program components that are exposed to other programs and applications. Namespaces contains classes.