Saturday, February 23, 2013

How to focus

I am programmer I think some special

95% of people say they struggle to focus.  How to Focus:
  1. Keep food at your desk:  glucose helps your brain focus.
  2. Turn off the phone:  most phone calls are not urgent.
  3. Get a good chair: there is a reason bosses don’t sit in cheap chairs.
  4. Time yourself:  and see how much you didn't 1 hour.
  5. Shut off everything:  that you are not really using.
  6. Clear your desk:  clear everything completely.
  7. Put on headphone: classical music or no music is best for focusing.
  8. Make a list: write your list and make it short.
  9. Reward yourself:  if you get focused, be proud of yourself.
  10. Frame a picture of your goal: look at it every morning before work.
  11. Bring your pet with you: they help you focus.

Try your best for your focus on thing everywhere, every time what you think to make it no more struggles to focus. Enjoy doing it together and success.