Friday, February 15, 2013

The eight key components of an effective business model


You will wonder what business model is. Business Model is a set of planed activities designed to result in a profit in a market place. In short, how to make money in business more effectively. I just review about business plan is a document that describe a firm's business model. So you know how it has connection each other between business plan and business model.

If you want to make more money for your business, you should have effective business model for your company. The eight key components of business model are:
  1. Value Proposition
  2. Revenue Model
  3. Market Opportunity
  4. Market Strategy
  5. Competitive Environment
  6. Competitive Advantage
  7. Organization Development
  8. Management Team
You should create your activities to reach your goal in your business to be an effective business model. So your business will increase more profit. Enjoy your own business model or you can do like what I listed above.

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