Thursday, April 11, 2013

Google+ dominates poll despite stacked deck!

Lifehacker is running a poll, asking "What’s Your Social Network of Choice?"

But they give Facebook and Twitter an unfair advantage: At the bottom are "Like" buttons for Facebook and Twitter. They're giving a tool to virally promote the poll on two of the social networks, but not the others. As a result, Facebook and Twitter have WAY more votes than Linkedin, Pinterest, MySpace and Instagram.

But Google+ is dominating the poll anyway, with (at the time I write this) twice as many votes as Facebook.

That's not enough.

Since Lifehacker decided to favor Facebook and Twitter, let's send them some Google+ love in the form of MASSIVE votes for Google+:

1. Share this post with all your circles.

2. Go here and vote for your social network of choice:

Resource: Mike Elgan