Thursday, August 9, 2012

How to Display Module Positions in Joomla 2.5

You will wonder how you know the module position in your joomla  template. What is module position in joomla template? why do we need to know it?
  1. Module position is a position that we manage in template to display our module.
  2. We need to know it when we create module or install module to display in position of template. Ex: You create module menu. You would know where you should display this menu in your template. We don't know the module position because we download or use someone else template and we don't want to check the code position in template.
So I will guide you the way we do fast to know the position of module.
Goto Administrator > Extensions > Template Manager > Options > Global Configuration for Templates > Preview Module Positions set Enabled. View all modules positions by adding ?tp=1 to the end of your URL such as

see figure1: