Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Three Tips using Skype or other communication tools effective

I want to share you some tips on Skype communication tool chatting, ignore this email if you not interested. And sorry for have no time to write it short.

I have share one time with my classmate DOP, and I have noticed that some of us is doing this all the time.

this is not a must that you have to do, it is a tips which is consider as Objective (Objective=something people see the same in general not the only one opinion ).

1/ Should not say only “Hi” and waiting them to reply back hi
 -  this means if you have something to talk about or asking, type the question in that greeting message. And I am 1000% sure that an expat (foreigners) doesn’t like this at all, and in my company we got one warning from out boss already. look like not professional at all, like a kids try to play around with Skype.

2/ Try to type a complete meaning before press”Enter”
- Imagine that you talk with a group of people or even only 1 person. And you all type with a little piece of sentence and enter, for example :

[Pherum]: hello friend
[Martin levis]: hello I also have one question
                          how can I install Linux on windows
                         without using VMware?
[Pherum]: I want to ask you one question.
[Jonh harves]: but this is not the best problem at all.
[Pherum]: how can I make this thing work
[Lovely girl]: how can we solve this Jonh?
[Pherum]: if I never know how to configure it
[Pherum]:and I really not sure what this mean

See this if you talk in group of at least 10 people like me. Someone might interrupt the talk. And those entire questions of PHERUM becoming meaningless, because they don’t understand what a little piece of separate sentences are. It take much time to investigate what pherum mean.

3/ If you see someone typing let them finish
- let them finish their writing, maybe they want to give more info that you willing to ask. Amazing if you talk in group then if you only type what you want to type without waiting to see your partner reason, then you both or group not understand each other. Otherwise it becoming like number 2.
Author: Mr.Phearum Un

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